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Our mothers were right - when you’re sick, you have to eat your chicken soup to get well. More importantly, we now recognize proper nutrition is critically important for the prevention and management of early disease. The same is true for your pets. 

Here at ASEH, our internal medicine specialists have both completed residences not only in internal medicine but also small animal clinical nutrition. This training has provided both the knowledge for making the best nutritional recommendations for your pet and the sensitivity to recognize that proper nutrition should be instituted early. Our nursing staff also has extensive training and knowledge of the many pet foods available to our clients and looks forward to making recommendations for which diets are best, providing detailed information for how much and when to feed your pet, and answering any questions you have.


Endoscopy means to “look within”, and describes a procedure to view inside the body. Biopsies may be taken, and foreign bodies may be retrieved during this procedure. Endoscopy procedures are less invasive than surgery (no incision), less expensive, and available on a routine and emergency basis.


Dr. Thomas Smith is highly educated in chemotherapy and his foremost concern is your pet’s well being. Our Internal Medicine technicians are experienced in caring for cancer patients and administering chemotherapy. They will make your pet’s chemotherapy experience as comfortable and calm as possible. 

Chemotherapy is a very successful treatment for certain types of cancer, including lymphoma, osteosarcoma, and transmissible venereal tumors. Other cancers such as mast cell tumors and various types of leukemia may benefit from chemotherapy as well. Your pet’s type of cancer may also not respond to chemotherapy. Dr. Smith will determine if your pet is a good candidate at your consultation appointment. Our goal with chemotherapy is offering the best opportunity for remission and improved survival, while at the same time preserving a good quality of life.

Commonly Used Chemotherapy Drugs
Potential Chemotherapy Side Effects


Ultrasound uses very high frequency sound waves to produce images of internal body parts and other soft tissues in real time. It is the most widely used diagnostic tool in human medicine and is also commonly used at ASEH. The value of ultrasound is determined by the quality of the ultrasound unit and the capability of the ultrasonographer. The ASEH internal medicine specialists have had extensive training and years of experience in ultrasonography and use the most up to date technology.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The vet techs are super nice. They run all the tests to rule out everything. Once you leave and they ask you to call back with a follow up so the Vet will know and will let you know from there if he needs to increase or decrease medication it’s a joke. Called twice on one day and the next day he wasn’t even in the office. Don’t mind the fact when we were there the day of our appointment, it was two hours."
    Megan D.
  • "I was in there today with my very sick baby. The entire staff was kind and wonderful! They immediately made sure my baby was ok the minute we came in! My baby is feeling much better! Thank you to your entire staff!!! Dana, Vince & Louie 🐾"
    Dana S.
  • "Very friendly , competent caring and explains everything in detail. Cares for your pet as they would their own ."
    Linda D.